Day 5 (Saturday)

Completed 6 neighbors front fence – 7,000+ lights (including 3,000 new ones).  Candy canes went up on lamp posts,  2 horses got fixed, and front planters got planted with light trees.  A pretty good day.

Today will see most of the remaining figures go out (about 100 of them) and their electricity hooked up. 

Went thru the storeroom last night and its amazing how much small stuff remains to be put out.  Almost no used lights remain which means I’m pretty much thru with putting out light strings (except for replacing the ones that decided to stop working when I put them out…I precheck them all).

Had another neighbor stop by and offer her house for decorating (next in line on the NE side).  The neighbor across from her has also asked (next in line on the NW side).  But I fear that 8 houses is my limit…I’m not getting any younger and the available time is not getting any longer.  I’ve been blessed with excellent weather for putting up the lights  this year and that doesn’t happen every year!

Sunday should see it all come together.


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