Day 1 – Wednesday

Its almost here!  The lights go on in less than 30 hours (5:00 Thanksgiving)!

Tuesday saw the completion of most of the yards.  Fixed the lights that were not working, put out the little trees, changed around some candy canes and stars, hung a about 25 blinking balls.

I had run out of 6′ cords, so bought another 25 (brings the total to about 150 6’ers).  Replaced where I had been using 15’ers, so was able to finish some other set-ups.  But I’m dangerously close to being out of smaller extension cords (3 bins of them have been used…about 400).

Today I will hook up all the timers and adjust them at 5:00…yes, all the lights will be on between 5 & 5:30 while I do a final check.  Have various signs to put out and a few small figures (stars, candy canes, etc) left to find homes.  Will check the power loads closely and balance the loads.

Beginning to look like I won’t have to spend T-giving morning working on the yard!

The only thing that will be missing is the white Christmas tree in the bay window.  The house is getting recarpeted next week, so I have to delay putting up the tree.

This year’s weather certainly has been favorable for putting out the lights and figures…only lost 1 day to rain.


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