Day 26 (till Christmas)

Last night was not as busy as I anticipated and the weather was great for walking.  But we still managed in excess of 250 cars.

We had one bus and 2 limos and lots of visitors.  First out of country was from Mexico.   We had visitors from New York, Texas, Georgia and Utah, plus some states already accounted for.

The limo drivers tell me that bookings are up from last year, which is an encouraging sign.  Expect that next weekend will be the the big kick-off for the holiday season with lots of visitors, limos and small busses.  Hope the weather is good so our guests can get out and walk and really enjoy the show.

Added another 800 lights in various figures and decorated the front of Santa’s place.  Santa will be here for 5 nights, starting on Saturday, Dec 19th (6:00 to 9:30).


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