Day 21 (till Christmas) – Friday

The Trolleys are coming!   Last night the Franklin Trolley drivers came by to confirm their route…they start tours tonight.  Also had several limos that said they had several tours scheduled for this weekend.    Shaping up to be a busy start to the December holidays.

Had a 10 minute power outage yesterday afternoon and it really screwed up my timers.  Some it ran forward a couple of hours, others it delayed a few minutes…hard to figure out.  Fortunately mine is battery backed up and had no problem, it was all the individual timers on the neighbors’ houses.

It was in the high 30’s last night, but still had lots of walkers.  Spent almost the whole evening greeting visitors.  Found 4 figures that I had to repair (minor all) and added no new lights. 

Tonight I have a Christmas party and won’t get back until close to 8:00…hate to miss out!  Tonight and tomorrow night it will also be in the 30’s, but folks seem to take it in stride.  I’ll have help directing traffic for the next 3 nights.

Will have more pictures to post by the end of the weekend.


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