Day 18 (till Christmas) – Monday

Temperature felt much warmer last night (up until about 8:30 when a cold breeze started).  Franklin trolleys (Holly Trolleys) came by twice last night.  Gray Line busses appeared twice and we saw the party bus along with numerous limos.  Traffic was only jammed up twice, so it was a great night to visit.

Interacted with several visitors about the changes over the years (it always getter bigger) and a couple about children they had lost.   One of the fun things when talking to long time attendees is to ask them to find what is new.  Its amazing how much they missed (or forgot) from last year.  I added about a dozen new figures, but their total is almost always over 20.

Did find a couple of figures that need fixin…I’ll take care of that today.  Also added another 300 lights.


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