Day 15 (till Christmas) – Thursday

Cold, but busy last night.  Lots of limos + gray line busses + party busses + church busses and lots of cars.   Although the temp was in the 30’s, lots of folks got out and walked thru the display.  Numerous “old timers” which made for interesting talks.

Found out the Franklin Trolleys “Holly Trolleys” had sold out their light tours until after Christmas…looking forward to seeing them this weekend.  Also got the heads up on an article about the lights which should appear next Wednesday in the Franklin paper and probably the Brentwood Journal too.  Means weekend before Christmas will be even more exciting.  Santa starts his visit on Saturday, Dec 19th, from 6:30 to 9:30, and continues thru Wednesday, Dec 23rd.

The 2 inches of rain we got on Tuesday had no effect on the display (which, of course, is what I expected).  Rain or snow … the lights will go on (but I might not necessarily appear at the entrance to the light display!).

Tonight the temp will be in the low 30’s to high 20’s…time to break out the winter suit!

Looking forward to seeing you all!


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