Day 14 (till Christmas) – Friday

Last night was cold!  Slowly descended thru the 20’s…but no wind!  It sure didn’t stop the visitors.  We had 6 Gray Line small busses, 1 large bus, 13 limos, and lots and lots of cars.  Many of them got out and walked the Christmas path.  Lots of hugs and many questions.

Tonight starts off the really big nights, with Saturday being the biggest for this weekend.  Every bus & limo driver I talked to had lots of bookings for the next two weeks (most of them had all bookings filled).  Looking good for Christmas!

Decided to order some nice sheepskin (imitation) seat covers for Santa’s golf cart and a wind cover for the side.  They are coming out of Steve’s golf shop in Kentucky and according to UPS this morning, will arrive today!  A little warmth will go a long ways…probably should have ordered the heater too!

Checked out several heaters for Santa’s house, but the minimum electric draw was 6 amps…which I just do not have available at the end of the driveway.  Can’t win them all.


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