Day 12 (till Christmas) – Sunday

Some one must be smiling on BJ’s Lights.  It was supposed to rain last night…and it did…sort of!   Light rain from 5:00 to 6:00, than a very light (if any) drizzle until 9:15.  Than rain until 9:45 and a light drizzle until 10:30.  Consequently, no wash out!  Lots and lots of visitors both driving by and taking the walking tour.  My helpers and I kept the traffic somewhat organized (practice for next weekend).  My daughter Heather took more pictures and they are now posted.

Question received on reason behind the lights.  Is it too easy to say that I just love Christmas and Christmas lights…its true, but there is more to it.  I’ve put up Christmas lights since I was a kid and we used cutouts for nativity sets, reindeer, elves, etc (you know, the kind you used to be able to order and paste on plywood and than cutout).  Grew up in Southern Cal where big time decorating was the norm.  Entire streets would be themed and most of the TV stars went overboard on decorating their houses.  As you might expect, our house (which was on a well traveled corner lot) was the most decorated in our neighborhood.

Fast forward…I wanted my 3 kids to have the same experience of decorating and included them in the construction as they grew.  Both of my girls decorate their homes with lights and figures (although not to the extent that I do!).  But is was my son who really got into it.  We moved to Nashville in 1981, when BJ was 5.  He and his older sisters really wanted lights the first year, but we arrived in mid November and only a couple of strings got up.  But BJ couldn’t stop talking about the need for more lights!  Over the next 10 years he was my trusted assistant and came up with a number of great ideas for display and increasing the number of lights.  Some might have got tired of the phrase “Dad, we need more lights”, but it was music to my ears.

BJ died in an auto accident 16 years ago, but he still continues to give me encouragement to put up “more lights” and he is with me every moment I spend working on the display.  As long as I am able to do the display…BJ will be remembered and there will be “more lights”!

Its BJ’s and my gift to the kids of Middle Tennessee.


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