Day 9 (till Christmas) – Wednesday

As forecast, it was cold!  But the traffic was heavy with numerous busses and limos included.  Lots of folks got out and walked the walk…tho they did walk fast!

Fixed up my golf cart with side curtains and a propane heater…very pleasant.  Unfortunately, Jerry and I spent most of the time directing traffic, so the propane was largely wasted.  But than we were dressed for the weather and had a great time interacting with our visitors.  Even got on a couple of busses from retirement homes to welcome them and tell them the story of the lights…now thats Christmas for me.

So come out and visit…and dress warm!  You would be amazed at the number of folks who go out without jackets when the weather is in the 30’s.

Santa comes visiting this Saturday evening (6:30 till 9:30)…can’t wait to see him again.  Hope he likes the new little house I made for him (beats the plastic tent of last year).  He is planning on nightly visits thru December 23rd (Saturday to Wednesday).

Tonight will be slightly warmer (maybe 5 degrees, but the breeze won’t be there).  Yesterday and today articles have come out in the Brentwood & Franklin papers about the light show which will markedly increase the number of visitors.  Suspect we will be very busy.


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    Julie Says:

    We have come every year for 4 or 5 years. Made a surprise visit tonight – the kids were thrilled. Thank you so much for doing this each year!

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