Day 7 (till Christmas) – Friday

Last night was exceptional.  Numerous busses, many limos and several church busses…plus, of course, lots and lots of cars.  We were busy directing traffic from 5:30 till 10:00 (than it died).  About 50% parked and walked the walk.  Had visitors from numerous states (most of the west has now been represented) and one from Singapore.    Even had a country music star (I don’t give out names) and the winner of the Metro Nashville Light contest (who told me he was glad I live in Williamson County).

Started off today with rain, but its on and off, so crossing my fingers for tonight.  Historically it is one of my biggest, even tho Santa does not start until tomorrow night.  Most of my traffic help comes from my masonic lodge brothers and tonight is our installation.  Since I’m Secretary I have to be at it, but plan to sneak out no later than 6:30 to get back to the lights.  So for the first 2 hours my trusty assistant Jerry will be by himself!  At least the busses & limos don’t usually come until after 7:00.  From now on thru Christmas I have a lot of help lined up (up to 4 per night) so it should run smoothly (more or less with the number of visitors that we expect).   Light times change today for Christmas week…now 5:00 till 11:00.

Tonight I also get to present the first $2500 to the Shrine Hospitals (the second $2500 should come in over the next 8 days)!

Looking forward to see you all!


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