Day 6 (till Christmas) – Saturday

Friday night was very busy, but not as busy as I expected…probably had something to do with the rain.  But it was a very light and intermittant rain, so we had alot of walkers.  Add China to my list of visitors – had 3 chinese students from Vanderbilt visit.  Also add in New Mexico, Idaho and North Dakota.

Santa arrives tonight (6:30 to 9:30)!  50% chance of rain or snow tonight, but it will probably be very late.  The temp will be the 30’s most of the evening.   I have 3 Shriners helping me direct traffic, in addition to Jerry…expect it to run very smoothly (especially since one of the Shriners is a retired California HP officer).

I put down 30 bags of bark chips along the street today to help control the mud where the cars park…it will be interesting to see how it looks tomorrow.


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    Boyd Williams Says:

    I lost a set of keys last night, and I believe it may have been at the Sunnyside Lights. If anyone found a set of keys last night(Friday 12/19), please e-mail me at

    Great display! Thanks!

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