Day 5 (till Christmas) – Sunday

Sorry Boyd, when I did the clean-up this AM I did not find any keys.

Saturday night was a blast (again)…busy as I expected.  If you came early (before 6:00) or late (after 10:00) you had no problem getting out and walk.  Inbetween, it was a constant heavy flow.  Had a total of 5 men directing traffic so it went pretty smooth…will do the same tonight.  The limo count was over 30 (when I lost count around 8:30) and we had lots of busses and the trolleys visited twice.

The bark chips on the grass (or is it just mud now) worked very well.  I picked up another 20 bags this morning to continue on the third  house down.

Last night we had numerous occassions of snow flakes (nothing sticking, of course), but tonight its fair weather in the 30’s.  For those who come prepared, it should be an excellent night for visiting with Santa (6:30 till 9:00).  He was a hit last night to both the young and older (although he broke the chair which we are replacing with a special plastic one)…tried to pile too many people in his little house for pictures.

Looking forward to seeing you all!


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