Day 4 (till Christmas) – Monday

Sunday night, without a doubt, was the highest traffic day so far this year.  They just kept coming and coming for 2 hours straight (and the fore and after were not bad either)!  It certainly impressed my traffic people!

Santa was mobbed, but from the sounds of him (and he has a booming voice) he was really enjoying himself.  Had lots of folks come up to me and say he was the best Santa ever!  Wednesday is his last night, of course, so hope you have a chance to see him before then.

Weather was perfect!  Clear and on the cold side (in the high 30’s).  I didn’t even bother with a jacket, I was to busy and having too much fun (except for that limo driver who I had one heck of a time getting him to listen/follow my parking directions…almost caused my first traffic accident ever).

Had one of the Shrine Hospital kids (about 8 yrs old) come by…she had already had two surgeries and was scheduled for a third right after Christmas.  She was really sweet and excited about her future.

Come out and visit!



  1. 1
    mickie and bob sherman Says:

    This was our first year to visit and we were just blown away. It was WONDERFUL!!!!!! Will make it part of our holiday season from this year forward. Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. 2
    Dak Alley Says:

    Hey Bill, I took a High def video of you and Santa talking with the little Shrine Girl who is having her third surgery, just let me know if you’d like it.
    Dak Alley,

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