Day 3 (till Christmas) – Tuesday

Can you believe it…only 3 days till Christmas.  Of course my feet are starting to feel the effects of my nightly street walking since Thanksgiving.

Last night was a bigee, almost as much as Sunday night which was our biggest so far.  Had 3 folks helping with the traffic, so it moved well.  Santa was a big hit again with lots of positive comments…waiting to hear from the neighbors about how they can hear him in their houses (talk about a booming voice).  He loves to invite folks into his little house for pictures.  Its 4′ x 6′ inside and so far I’ve counted up to 8 people in there with him (and we are not talking kids either)!  Only 2 more nights for Santa…as I’ve been reminded by his elves.

With temps in the high 50’s today, I expect another big turnout.  It will also give me an opportunity to fix a few lights and figures (will make for a busy afternoon).

Receiving lots of questions on how long the light show will last.  Normally the last night is New Years Eve, but since it falls on a Thursday night I will continue the show thru Sunday night (Jan 3rd)…at least on the two main houses.  If weather permits, I’ll start removing the lights on the furthest houses on Saturday & Sunday.

State count – missing Alaska, Montanta, South Dakota and most of the Northeast (NY & Conn have reported in).  If you are from any of these states, please let me know when you visit.  For Europe, only GB, Ireland,  Scotland, Holland & Germany have checked in.  Missing all of South American and Africa (except for South Africa).  For the  Far East I only have China, Japan, Phillipines & Singapore.  For the Middle East I only have Egypt & Israel.


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    Katie Says:

    a friend and i came by sunday night…loved it!!!! we had so much fun!!!! and santa was great!! even us big kids loved him. 🙂

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