Day 2 (till Christmas) – Wednesday

I expected last night to be big, but not quite as big as it was!  Started at 5:00 with 12 cars in waiting and just kept going and going and going, right up till about 10:00.  Santa had a couple of free moments, but there was usually a line of at least a dozen folks waiting for him (his booming voice is beginning to sound a little hoarse).  With 3 helpers, the traffic flowed nicely…the limos and busses were very good in their timing.

This is Santas last night!

Got my visitor from Alaska…well sort of.  Had an Air Force family visit, who are leaving Friday for a tour of duty in Alaska.  And Indonesia also checked in last night.

Forecast is a 30% chance of rain tonight with warm temps again.  Expect another big turnout.  Looking at the records for the past 2 years, it will continue to be busy right thru the weekend (Christmas Eve and Christmas Day are big!).  If you want a slow period to visit, try before 6:00, after 9:30, or next week.


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