Merry Christmas!!!

Its finally arrived!  Merry Christmas to all.

Last night was nice until about 8:45, when it started raining.  Fortunately, lots of folks took the opportunity to walk the walk on Christmas Eve.  My trusty assistant, Jerry, caught sight of Clint Black visiting the lights.  I wonder how many other country  music stars have snuck by?

After 8:45 we braved the rain in our rain suits (actually stayed pretty dry) and greeted a constant stream of visitors as they drove by…took alot of donations for Shrine Hospitals too.  Even had a few get out.

Traditionally tonight is another very busy night and I get to manage the traffic by myself (just like old times) as most of my helpers will be at the Titans game (including Jerry who snagged a seat in the Executive Suites area).  No rain, but the temp will be in the low 30’s.  The Franklin trolleys are also suppose to be coming by…so it will be a fun night for me.


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    Thanks for making our season bright!!! We appreciate all you do!

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