Day 5 (till the end) – Sunday

Traffic was reasonably heavy for after Christmas.  We had about 18 limos, 4 busses and the trolleys (twice).  Night was clear and in the 30’s, but that didn’t seem to bother many.

Numerous non-believers that I only use house current (including a couple of electricians).  But it really is just house current.  I changed the central heat and the water heater over to gas a long time ago and my wife Martha knows not to use the dryer in the evening.  So I am able to commit 165 amps (off the 200 available amps) to the display.  This, combined with the electricity my neignbors donate, allows for a total of about 400 amps to the 8 house display.  Plenty of room for additional displays/lights using the neighbors power…BJ will always get more lights!!!


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