Day 4 (till the end) – Monday

Last night saw the last trips of the Franklin Trolleys for the year and they were sold out.  20+ limos and a couple of Gray Line busses plus the dbl decker and the party bus made for a fairly busy (post Christmas) Sunday night.  Although it was on the cold side (low 30’s) and there was a north wind blowing (which is the only direction that really effects us at the end of our valley), lots of folks walked the walk.

Tonight starts our 10:00 PM turnoff which will continue thru shutdown.  I’ve a long meeting tonight so will miss greeting our guests for the first time since Thanksgiving.  I think my trusty assistant Jerry is planning to be there even tho I told him the next 3 nights will be generally slow.  Tuesday night Martha and I will be visiting other light displays. 

The forecast for the end of the week is not too great with “snow” frequently mentioned.   Since I have a limited window to take down the display (first 12 days in January) I might start taking down the furthest houses earlier than planned (if the forecast remains the same).   I don’t mind working in the 30 degree temps, but the extension cords and light strings become stiff and the stakes are hard to pull out of frozen ground.   A couple of times in the past years I’ve had a forest of stakes (I use about 400 metal stakes) for a couple of weeks after I got the figures in.


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