Saturday 1-2-10

New Years Eve was busy, but no problem parking…actually there was a lot of “creative” parking going on which screwed up the program.    But a good number of visitors with a good number of walkers since the temp was in the 40’s.

Spent 5 hours Friday (working in the low 30 temps) cleaning off 3 more neighbors’ yards…6 are now completed!  Kept the lights on in my yard (which is about 60% of the total), but my neighbor helped me out in the morning and removed all his extension cords…so no lights at his house.  Still had a reasonable number of visitors and a few walkers.

Today  I will remove the figures on my neighbor’s yard and on the street.  This will leave just my house (remember, the one with the most lights), which takes about 4 days to take down.  Since the hi temp today is in the mid 20’s (got down to 12 degrees this morning), it will undoubtedly be a fun time!  So tonight, it will only be my house (same as last night)…and it will be the last night of the 2009 BJ’s Christmas Lights!

Sunday will see the gradual take-down of my house, starting at the street and working back.  I suspect there will be a lot of stakes left in the ground since it is starting to freeze.  And the lights on the house (and neighbor’s house) may be there for a while…I’m not big on crawling on icy roofs.  The forecast for the next 6 days is that we might reach 32 degrees once!  Obviously, the cold temps slow down the take-down process.


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