Jan 6 – Wednesday

Even tho the temp has not got out of the 20’s, take-down is progressing niecely…except for the stakes of course.   All figures have been put away and most of the lights which are not on the 2 houses.  Today I will finish up the arches and the remaining drive-way lights.  The only lights left will be the perimiter lights on the hillside (they can wait for warmth) and the lights on the houses (as in eves and balconies).  And, of course, the hundreds of stakes in the ground (any bets on when the ground will unfreeze?).

Tomorrow we have snow forecast (1-4 inches).  Since my house is mostly in the shade during winter (ridge line too high) snow tends to stick around several days after everyone elses melts.  Which means this is the final take-down day for at least the next 5 days.  Since I have a vacation coming up on the 13th, it will be closer to the end of the month before everything is removed.  Kind of blows my estimate of a week to take down everything, doesn’t it?

We locked in another $5,000 for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals…3rd year in a row.  Thanks everyone for your donations (and especially the one who put the $100 bill in the box).

Over the next 2 months I’ll make my way up to the factory to see whats new in Christmas figures (they have a 20% off sale during the first few months of the year).  Last year they essentially stopped stocking just the frames, but hopefully  I can still order them without lights (I prefer to put on my own… it is alot cheaper that way, although time consuming).


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