Christmas 2010 Blog Begins

Its time to start my 2010 blog. 

I’ve been working on going thru all of my figures (checking lights, retapping lights, etc) since August and can now report that I have finished all of them.  I have continued with my tradition of always adding figures and I will have 2 new scenes this Christmas.

I have also refurbished Santa’s house and am happy to report that the same Santa as last year has renewed his committment for this year.  He will be in his house from Friday, December 17th thru Thursday, December 23rd.  And interesting note.  Two weeks ago a gentleman stoped by to let me know how much he appreciated Santa.  It seems that last year he brought his girlfriend by, who was in the last stages of cancer.  He was able to put her in a wheelchair to see the lights.  Santa jumped out of his chair and greeted her with a big hug and posed for pictures.  According to her boyfriend she was very excited.  It turned out that it was the last night she was aware of her surroundings and she passed on the next day.   Kind of makes it all worth it!

I’ll start on the yard the beginning of  November and the lights will go on Thanksgiving Day.

Next blog will be when I start working on the yard (around Nov 1st).

Looking forward to another big year!


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