Day 20 till lights on

Yesterday was very productive (and a bit cold) with over 7,000 lights going up. The perimiter around the 2 main houses is now complete with lights, as is the front (with the exception of the Merry Christmas arch).
Today its even colder and little will be done on the outside. But inside I will prepare all the lights for the driveways and arches. Also included will be the large sparkling stars I use.
Still waiting for the final leaves to fall, so I can start working on the grass areas (but the grass is looking very nice after the 2 rains we’ve had).
This weekend should see somewhere in the neighborhood of 10,000 lights go up.
I’m estimating 135,000 to 140,000 lights this year. Since approximately 70,000 of them are in the figures, that leaves at least 65,000 for me to put up.


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