Sunday – Day 4

Saturday night was a bit slower than expected.

Got my first party bus (the dbl decker) and 2 limos and the traffic flow was pretty constant.

A neighbor kid set up a hot chocolate booth in front of the house and its pretty good. The cost is $1 and a third of that goes to charity.   Expect him to be there on the weekends (but who knows?).   This is seperate from my donation box for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals.

Temperature will be in the low 50’s this afternoon, so I will be working on the few figures that have lights out.  The helocopter lost some lights in the big wind we had a few days ago (it looked like it was really flying!!)  and I might lower it to work on them.

One of my visitors told me he had 40 boxes of new lights he would give me if I wanted them.  Of course, I said yes.



  1. 1
    Caitlin Says:

    I think your house is very neat and cool when the lights are up.We are looking forward to see your house again.We would love to meet you some time soon.Please write me back.

  2. 2

    Nice to hear from you Caitlin and glad you really enjoyed the lights.
    I’m usually out meeting the folks every evening, especially on the weekends, look forward to seeing you.

  3. 3
    Caitlin Reeves Says:

    Well i am glad you could reply back to me and sometime i am going to your house this Chirstmas.It is December Fifh and tonight i just put up my Chirstmas tree.Bye

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