Sunday – Day 11

Last night had its ups and downs…traffic wise.  Short periods with almost no one, interspaced with rushes.  The trolleys came by twice, Gray line tours made an appearance, church busses on drive-byes,  the party bus was there (filled with teens, many of them in party dresses and no shoes when they walked the driveway), and many limos.   Add to that a steady stream of cars (many of which parked and walked the walk).

The temp was in the high 30’s, but a steady breeze out of the north made it feel like the high 20’s.  But I spent all 5 hours meeting and greeting (and directing traffic) and didn’t even have a cold nose.  The forecast for the next 6 days is not good.  The temp will barely make it out of the 30’s, if that, and several nights will be in the teens.  You may not see me out there every night during the week!  But by next Friday it should be in the mid 40’s…that is Christmas weather you can live with (and walk in).    But I do have a heater for Santa’s golf cart.

Wonder of wonders, could not find a single figure that needed fixing today…doesn’t happen often.

Looking forward to seeing you!



  1. 1
    Ruthy Says:

    It was an honor to get to see B.J.’s lights on Friday night. What a remarkable tribute to your son.

  2. 2
    Donna Thomas Says:

    Visited you Friday night and was very impressed and will remember you in my prayers in the loss of your son.

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