Thursday – Day 15

Last night was much busier than I expected.  Turns out there was an article about the lights in the Franklin & Brentwood papers under “Grassland”.  An excellent article, that told the st0ry in a very nice manner.   I have added a link to the story. 

Counted at least a dozen limos, several Gray line busses, the double decker and lots of cars.  Although it was cold (20’s), a large percentage of the visitors got out to walk.  Had my first visitor from Russia!  One of the limos had passengers from the Cookville area.

All of the southern states have now been represented and most of the Atlantic states (missing Maine).  Mid west have checked in (except for the Dakotas) and the west is largely missing.

I expect Thursday night to be busy and Friday night will be huge (at least I hope so since it will have the best weather of the weekend).  Saturday night I have a function I have to be at, so I will not be out directing traffic until about 6:30.  Sunday night will be cold and maybe with a little snow.  I will have 2 men helping me with traffic on all 3 nights of the weekend.


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