Sunday – Day 18

Well the snow is falling…but not heavy enough to be a problem so far.

Last night started off with rain, as expected.  Even the trolleys were in drive-by mode.  But around 8:00 it stopped (or at least became a very light mist) and our visitors became walkers.   that lasted until about 9:45 when it started to rain again off and on.  Stopped counting limos at 25 (and I missed the first hour and a half because of my lodge installation).  Numerous busses and trolleys came by too.  The temperature was very nice…I didn’t even ware gloves and had to take off a couple of layers of clothing.

The lights of all the other houses are set to go off at 10:30, but mine remain on till 11:00.  Last night it suddenly became busy in the 10:10 till 11:00 time frame with several limos and the dbl decker showing up.

Tonight will be cold with wind chills in the low teens.  If the snow doesn’t create a problem with driving (and I don’t expect it too), the view should be very special with snow on the ground…it just glows.  Its only happened three times in the past and is something very special.  I’ll have 2 men helping with traffic (and freezing their tails off), so come on and visit.


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