Thursday – Day 22

Yesterday’s forecast was for freezing rain starting in the afternoon.  It held off until about 5:30 and then started.  Fortunately, it was very light and did not impact the streets in our area.  But it did put a nice coat of thin ice on the driveway (aggragrate), starting about half way up.  Went out to check on it around 7:00 and immediately had my feet slip out from under me.  Quickly worked my way down to where it wasn’t icy and put up caution tape to prevent visitors from walking in the icy area (yes, I had numerous walkers last night). 

Traffic count was way down historically, but there was always at least one car looking at the lights up until 10:15.  Only saw one bus and one limo, but than I was in the house most of the time (since I couldn’t drive my golf cart down).

This morning the temp had hit 53 degrees by 7:00 and everything had melted…good bye snow!.  The weather looks good for the next 7 days (with slight chances of late  rain on a couple of the days).  It will be chilly, in the 30’s in the evening, but that won’t keep the folks from walking.  And Santa starts tomorrow night!


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    Dak Alley Says:

    hey Bill, Hope all is going well This Christmas
    DAk Alley

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