Saturday – Day 24

Friday was as big as I suspected, but it started off a little slower than planned.  Santa arrived about 5:30 (a little bit early as usual) and had kids (and kids at heart) sitting on his lap up unitl 10:00.  I don’t know how he can fit so many people for pictures into his little house (counted 9 once)!  Visitors had it easy parking until about 6:30, than things really got popping.

At 10:00 it went completely dead, so I sent my helpers home and went up to the house to warm up.  Than about 10:30, it became crowded again as I watched from my window.  Lights went out at 11:00 on the last limo.

Temperature was in the low 30’s, but no wind.  So the walk was very busy for 4 hours straight.

See you tonight!


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