Sunday – Day 25

Saturday night was ever bit as busy as I expected it to be, even more so.  Started at 5:00, slowed at 5:45, went crazy at 6:00 and stayed that way till 10:00.  At 10:15 came the dbl decker, a party bus, 2 limos and lots of cars.  I was directing taffic right up to lights off at 11:00.

When the Holly Trolleys came the second time, they had about 30 cars following them.  Fortunately the 2 busses and 3 limos left as they were coming up the street.

At the height of the traffic (7:00 till 9:00) I kept checking with people to see how long it took them to get up the street and most said 5 to 10 minutes.  Only really bad time was when we jammed with 3 trolleys, 1 small bus and 5 limos (3 the hummer type) and two more busses coming up the street with probable 50 cars…took a while to get things moving.  And everybody was walking!  The only thing about parking 3 or 4 houses down the street is you really get to see my displays on the other houses.  And of course, the return walk is “down hill”.  My 2 traffic men did an excellent job, and I’ll have 3 tonight.

Yes, this is suppose to be the biggest night!  And its even a tad warmer…maybe even the mid 30’s.

Set a new one night record for donations to the Shrine Hospitals and I think Santa may have also set a record for the number of lap sitters (he was there from 6 till 10)!


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