Tuesday – Day 27

Sunday night was not as busy as I expected, but still kept us hopping.  It was the last night for the Holly Trolleys and the 3 of them made 2 runs each.  Made for an exciting time on their first run when we also had 5 limos (3 hummers). 

Had a visitor mention that last year he visited with his new girl friend and got his first kiss under the lights…they got married the end of the year.  There is something magical about walking through the thousands of Christmas lights!

Monday afternoon, I got a phone call from Dennis Ferrier of Channel 4.  He asked if he could do a story that night.  Without hesitation I, of course, said YES.  He showed up with his cameraman at 5:00 and we had a nice interview and he ended up spending about an hour with us talking to visitors and generally having a great time.  He came back at 10:00 to do a live broadcast for the 10:00 news, which many of you probably saw.  I have attached a link to the video. He told me it had been picked up by CNN, so we’re going national again!

Last night was one of nicest evenings we’ve had in the last week or so (and maybe the best of this week) with temperatures in the low 40’s.  I had 2 men directing traffic and it moved rather nicely.

Due to the news-spot, I expect the rest of the week to be very busy and parking may be at a premium…but we will do our best.  I have 3 men scheduled for the next 3 nights to direct traffic.

Santa is averaging about 300 kids (and kids at heart) each night and you can hear is booming Ho Ho Ho  a block away.  Talk about a “jolly” St Nick!  He will be with us thru Thursday night and than he must rush back to the North Pole.


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