Thursday – Day 29


Fox News aired a special on my lights on Tuesday night (the fellow was filming it that evening, but no interview was involved).  Havn’t seen it, but I have been told they did a great job.  So on TV on 2 conscutive nights…guess what happened traffic wise?

If you guessed a 1/2 mile backup, you guessed wrong.  We had a constant flow (no less than 10 vehicles coming up the road) for 3 hours straight, both Tuesday and Wednesday nights.  Santa averaged about 300 kids each night. 

Tuesday night was beautiful temp wise, but had some drizzle after 9:00.  Wednesday night was clear & breezy wtih a temp in the 20’s…i.e. COLD.  But Santa still gave out about 300 candy canes!   Limos have dropped down to about 15 a night, so why do they always come in pairs?

Since I own a florist and this is Christmas week (Bellevue Florist, for those of you who don’t know), I havn’t had much free time during the day to make repairs.   Counted about 5 figures last night that could use some work and a few string on the fence lines.   If the snow arrives on Christmas Day as forecast, I might actually have an opportunity to work on them in the warmth of my workshop.

I’m starting to loose track of countries represented.  All of Europe is covered, as well as Russia, Turkey, Bosnia, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa (plus at least 3 other countries in Africa), about half of South America.  Also have had visitors from China, S. Korea, Japan & the Phillipines.  Of course Canada has been represented by several.  It appears that Nashville has a lot of foreign students!


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