Christmas Eve – Day 30

Everyone in Nashville visited last night…at least it seemed like it!  From 5:45 till 9:45 it was a sea of headlights down Sunnyside Drive.  In checking with visitors the travel time was 15 to 20 minutes up the street.  My count on cars was at 1,000 when I stopped counting just before 9:00 (and that doesn’t count the 20 or so limos, 6 trolleys and several busses).  As you might guess we were able to keep the cars moving, but still had lots and lots of folks park on the right side (coming up) and go for a walk.  It was cold, but no wind.  Santa (on his last night) had about 350 kids visit with him.  I also noted some “not so young” kids sitting on his lap and getting their picture taken.  Donations for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals totaled out as my second biggest night. 

Visitors stopped abruptly at about 9:45, which surprised us.  We found out that there had been an accident on Hillsboro Road and it wasn’t cleared until around 10:20.   After 10:30 the trolleys came for their 2nd visit, along with a few more cars.  Estimated visitor count last night is 5,500 to 6,000, the highest one night in 2 years.

Now that Santa is gone for the year (he’ll be visiting your house tonight) visitations will start slowing down, but probably not tonight and Saturday (weather permitting).  If the snow showers hold off tonight, it will be another big one (although not as big as last night, which was really “too” big).  If we get the 1 to 2 inches of snow overnight and the roads are OK, Saturday and Sunday night will be a beautiful time to visit.


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