Monday – Day 33 (6 nights left)

Christmas Eve was as busy as I anticipated.  Fortunately, my old driver moved back to town on Thursday and was out helping me with traffic on Friday night.  Easily went over 900 cars with a good number of limos.  Weather turned out to be rather nice, but cold, so lots of folks walked. Heard the comment “Christmas Eve tradition” from many visitors.  Fortuantely the snow held off until after 10:00, so had little impact on the crowd.

Ended up being the  biggest donation ever to the Shrine  Hospitals and I will present them with a $5,000 check this evening.  Thats a total of $23,000 for 5 years…thanks folks!

Saturday’s traffic was impacted by the snow, and was therefore slow.  But the roads were generally in good shape and the first half of the driveway was also free of ice.  And, of course, the scene was magical with the snow on the ground reflecting the lights.

Sunday night had the roads and driveway in good shape and was busy from the get-go.  It was cold, of course, but it didn’t stop lots of folks from walking.  The snow still covered the scene and the magic was still there (it will be tonight too).

Last night was probably my last night for greeting guests, since I have several evening meetings this week (have to make up for my absence over the last month).  The lights are now on from 5:00 to 10:00 and will continue thru New Years’ Day.


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    The Sherrick & Bianchi Families Says:

    We really enjoyed the lights and appreciate the heart behind your spectacular display! Thank you and happy new year!

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