Tuesday – Day 3 of Take-down

Thursday, Friday & Saturday night turned out much bigger than I anticipated…especially Saturday night.  Almost all cars, with a few limos and lots of walkers.  Donations were double what they were last year for the same days.   Traffic control was absent (I was out of town Thur & Fri night and just watched on Saturday night), but I have heard no complaints.  When the last lights went out at 10:00 on Saturday, I was the only one there.  Farewell 2010 and welcome 2011…and more lights (of course).

Folks obviously paid attention to my last day sign because Sunday night saw very few cars coming by to see….almost nothing.  I do have a few lights still going on…the BJ sign, the helo, the plane, and the front door.  The BJ sign is always the last to be lit.

Take-down started Sunday morning.   Temp in the high 30’s and I cleared the first 4  houses.  On Monday, the temp was in the low 40’s and I was able to clear the next 2 houses, the street fence and start work on the last 2 houses.  I have today and tomorrow before the weather once again sucks, so I had better get crackin!  Concentration will be on removing the figures, the front fences and the driveway fences (including arches).  I am talking about alot of lights and figures in 2 days…it will be a challenge.

The perimiter fence lines and the houses will have to wait till it warms up again.


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