Last Post for 2010 Show

At the present time I have all the figures put away and all the lights taken down except for the lights on the 2 houses and the 2 outer perimiter fence lines.  Since the weather will not get out of the 30’s for the next week or more (I have 3″ of snow on the ground), it could be a while before they come down…but come down they will.

It appears that we have set a new record for attendance, even with the weekend we lost due to snow.  One day alone (the Thursday before Christmas) accounted for over 6, 000 visitors.    Based on car, limo & bus counts (and remember I wasn’t there 100% of the time), the estimated total exceeded 40,000.   The donations to the Shrine Children’s Hospitals were down slightly, but we still ended up giving them another $5,000 for a total of $23,000 over the last 5 years.

Had great coverage from the Tennessean (at least the Williamson county inserts) with mulitple articles (and letters to the editor).  Channel 4 came thru with an excellent 5 minute clip, which was shown mulitple times (including Talk of the Town).  Fox also had a nice clip on it too (although no interview was involved).  And CNN picked up on the Channel 4 clip, so it went national (the 4th time thats happened)…had emails from several friends around the country who saw it.

We had visitors from over 20 countries (only reflects the ones I talked with) and almost all of the states. 

As for this blog, hits were up considerably from last year, with one day exceeding 300.  The pre-Christmas average was over 80 per day.

And now its time to plan for next year.

I’ll be back in October with the 2011 program!  Thanks for all your support!


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