And 2011 Begins! Day 28 (till light-off)

Reporting in for the new year (Christmas 2011).

As of this date, I have completed the checking of all 364 figures!  Started in September and finished last night.  Taped and retaped approximately 15,000 lights and replaced 3,835 of them.  Sounds like alot, but that is a much smaller number of lights needing replacement than in the previous years.  I usually figure them on a 5 year life and that would have been approximately 14,000 needing replacement.  I noticed that most of the lights I replaced were at least 8 years old and a few dated back to the 90’s.  Sure not complaining.

Of couse, I have some new figures…which you will have to find when you visit.

You will also notice that my front yard will have quite a make-over, as will the center yard.

This coming weekend I will be putting on the lights on the Bellevue Florist building (they turn on when Opryland Hotel does).  Once that is out of the way, I start working on my yard…so expect to see me out there starting next week!

Looking forward to a very good year!


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    Carol Helton Says:

    Looking forward to seeing your lights again this year. Whenever I had a rough day at work, I would drive down to the end of our subdivision and look at your beautiful lights and it always cheered me up. It is a wonderful tribute to your late son. (We remember what a sweet boy he was.)
    I have noticed that your lights seem to include more houses every year and we are looking forward to when it reaches our house on Valley Dr. Maybe a couple more years, huh?

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