Wednesday – 22 to go

Monday and Tuesday started off the decorating with a bang.  The 2 side perimiters are done with a total of 4800 lights.  The front border is up and one side of the main drive has its posts in place. 

 I loose today due to having to take some ROTC students down to Huntsville for some leadership training and tomorrow has a forcast of rain.  Friday looks good, but Saturday I have to return to Huntsville to pick them up. 

So goal for Friday is to finish the posts and arches on the main driveway and maybe start on the nieghbors drive.  I’ll report back on Saturday.


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    Brett Huseman Says:

    Hey(: i have lived in sunny side my whole life (i live on sunny side drive) and i have always enjoyed you christmas light display. I was wondering if there was any way i could hwlp you through the process.

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