Wednesday – 8 to go till light off

So I am no longer running ahead thanks to the 2.3 inches of rain we’ve received over the last 36 hours.  Had about 90 minutes of break in the rain yesterday and was able to mostly finish the center portion of the 2 yards (get the figures out, but not yet wired).  Which leaves the primary neighbors yard yet to go (the other 6 will be done this weekend). 

I will hold off till Friday to wire up the figures, which will give them a chance to dry out.

Goal for this afternoon include putting out the figures in the neighbor’s yard, working on finishing touches in mine (few small figures, candy canes, tree balls, etc.) and blowing off  whats left of the leaves.

The other 6 neighbors houses will be decorated this weekend with the goal of testing the lights on Sunday night…that will give me some time to fix what has stopped working.



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