Tuesday – 2 Days Till Light-off

Yesterday was a surprise…no rain in the afternoon.  I was able to get in 4 hours of decorating.  Finished all electrical and have all figures in place.  Even loaned my fancy sleigh and reindeer to another house…so 9 will have some decorations on them this year!

I was also able to add a number of items into the decor (stars, balls,  and candy canes) and do some rebalancing of electricity on my display.

Today is a write-off, but I will get the tree in the bay window tonight.

I am hopeful that tomorrow I will be able to get some time in, as I have about 50 more candy canes to put out in various places and a bunch of lighted balls to put in some bushes.  Also need to set the timers and set a timer test for tomorrow night at 5:00.  Plan to spend Wednesday evening replacing light strings that have decided not to work after I put them up.

Thursday morning will be the final check and an opportunity to put out a few more items in spaces needing them.  Light off goes down at 5:00 on Thursday!!!


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