Saturday – 29 Days till Christmas

Lights went on as scheduled – Thanksgiving Day.  Had a pretty good crowd all evening long.  Friday was even better, with my first 2 limos appearing.

After 2 days, donations for the Shrine Hospitals are running ahead of last year (in fact the best in the last 3 years).  But that can vary widely with the weather…you have to be able to get out of your car to donate and walk the walk.

I’m delivering flowers at the shop, since I gave my driver 4 days off to celebrate Thanksgiving at home.  Tends to cut into my time to repair, replace and add.  But this morning I got up early and was able to fix several of the problems and even add a couple of things.  Hopefully, I will get the Christmas music running tonight too.

Sunday and Monday look like they could be a washout with lots of rain in the forecast.  The lights will be on, but it might be a little wet to walk the walk.  The rest of the week looks good, although a little cooler.

Santa will be visiting Sunday, December 18th thru Friday, December 23rd.


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