Monday – 27 Days till Christmas

Saturday was great for this early in the season.  Lots of traffic (but no need for traffic control) and lots of walkers…set a new record for donations for day 3.  Had a couple of limos, but they were drive-thrus. 

Sunday was forecast rain all day, but no rain in the morning.  I was able to add some more candycanes, fix a few figures and add another 500 lights.   Seems like I’m making changes every day.

Sunday night was cold and wet…very few walkers and probable averaged a car every 5 minutes.  Needless to say, I stayed by the fire and read a good book.  Expect the same for tonight (although I will be at a meeting anyway).

Forecast for Tuesday is wet and snowy(???) in the AM and wet in the PM, with a high in the mid 40’s.  But the rest of the week looks good (although a might cool).  But the heavy visitor count really doesn’t start until the 2nd weekend in December.


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    Pat Brewer Says:

    Loved the decorations. As an out of towner. was a treat for us coming from a small town with little or no decorations. T H AN K S

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