Thursday – 24 days till Christmas

Cold continued last night, but there was no rain.  Today will be a bit warmer so I am looking for walkers!  Added another 550 lights yesterday (and 1 more figure) and have my eye on a spot that could use another 300…it just doesn’t stop, does it.

But primarily I am in a maintenance mode…fixing figures and lights that have devolped problems.

Thursday, Friday and Saturday night should be pretty big (for this time in the season) with much warmer temps and no rain.   I plan to spend time walking the street tonight and Saturday, but Friday I’m committed to a Christmas Party (but I will get back as soon as I can).  Sunday thru Tuesday has rain in the forecast.

Noticed a spot on Channel 4 last night talking about the cost of LED lights.  They said the cost had come down to only twice that of the old lights…where are they getting their pricing?  I priced them last week and it was a 6 to 1 difference (when sale prices taken into count).   My average price is about 2 cents per light and the “shorter strand” LED lights come in at a little over 12 cents a light…and have you tried to find solid colors and reasonable prices?  With an 8-10 year life on the old lights (and an inventory of about 10,000 unused lights) it will be a while before I look at LEDs.     The operating cost is just not that big of deal for me.


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    Hi Bill. I met you last night and wanted to drop you a note letting you know that I did put a video together of your lights. You can find them here. I’d like to add any information you may want added to the info of the video. Let me know you got this.

    Let me say again. Your lights are spectacular. Thank you for the festive feeling!

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