Sunday – 21 Days till Christmas

Saturday was great!!  Weather was perfect with lots of walkers.  Lost count, but estimate about a dozen limos, one full size bus (hope he doesn’t show when its really busy) and several party buses.  Had a great time meeting lots of interesting folks.

Donations for the Shrine Children’s Hospitals were excellent too.  For the last 6 years (when I finally realized a missed opportunity) you have contribute $23,000.00 to the children.  We sure appreciate it!

You might want to check out Amy’s video (see her comment).

Crossing my fingers that the rain hold off tonight so you can enjoy the show.  Monday and Tuesday are beginning to look like a washout (but I can’t think of any better days of the week to loose).

Couple of reminders:  Lights are on 5:00 till 10:00 thru this coming Thursday, than will go to 10:30 thru Christmas.   Santa will be in his house for the 6 days prior to Christmas (he always saves those days for me!), Sunday, December 18th thru Friday, December 23rd.


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