Friday – 16 days till Christmas

Traffic flow on Thursday night was really down.  Although it was cold (30’s), there was no wind and no rain…actually not a bad night for walking.   The only busy time for traffic was when the Franklin Trolleys appeared (they made 2 trips). 

The bright spot about last night was very bright!  Dennis Ferrier and his camera man from Channel 4 dropped by and stayed over an hour.  Had a very nice interview and two of the Trolleys showed up to provide plenty of background visitors (and several interviews).  He expects the spot to air on Monday or Tuesday. 

Historically a spot on TV brings out the folks big time and I would say one at the beginning of the week will spread out the visitors over the entire week.  We had a very nice spot by Channel 2 several years ago and it appeared on a Thursday night, resulting in the worst traffic we have ever had the following Friday and Saturday nights  (it was backed up all the way to Hillsboro Rd for 4 hours straight).

Yesterday ended up being very busy at the flower shop and I didn’t get home till 4:00.  So I was only able to fix one figure (which needed complete rewiring).  Still have 3 others that need some work and I noticed a couple of places where I can add more lights (“we need more lights Dad”).

This weekend should be very busy and I have traffic assistance set up for Fri, Sat & Sun.  Looking forward to seeing you!



  1. 1
    Anne Says:

    Hello! My gps isn’t locating the following address:
    1956 sunnyside dr brentwood, tn 37027
    Is this the correct address? If so, are you able to provide the nearest cross streets? We are excited to visit!


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