Sunday – 14 days till Christmas

Last night was as big as I expected, but without the long waits.  Estimate the longest wait was in the 12-15 minute range (and that was when we had several busses and limos at one time).  My traffic control folks kept it moving.  It was also the 3rd biggest donation night in the last 4 years (and only missed the biggest by $40).  Although it was cold (my drink froze in my mailbox), there were lots of walkers and a great time was had by all.

It was so busy that I had to take off my extra vest and removed my gloves several times.  I have a heater in Santa’s golf cart, but havn’t had the opportunity to benefit from it for the last 2 nights…just too busy.

So far the best times to visit (the least traffic) is before 6:15 and after 9:30.  The lights go off at 10:30 now thru Christmas eve and that seems to work pretty well.  Last night had the big double decker bus arrive around 10:45 and there was nothing buy darkness for them.  This bus always had the most boisterous group and I’m sure my neighbors would have appreciated it that late in the evening…they will just have to come a little earlier.

I expect tonight to be very busy too, but it should drop off earlier due to school tomorrow.

The upcoming week will be warmer and the nights should be fairly busy, but school will cause them to slow earlier…a good time to visit.  Christmas week, with Santa every night, will be big every night.  Parking will be at a premium, so park as soon as you see a spot.  I should have plenty of folks helping me with the traffic.


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