Monday – 13 days till Christmas

Sunday night was a bit of disappointment, but not if you were one of the visitors.  Traffic count was not as great as I expected, but at least it was constant for about 4 hours (died at 9:00).  Although the temperature was significantly warmer than Saturday night, the number of walkers was down considerably.  But the donations were very good!   There was no comparison to last year when we had 3 1/2 “s of snow and zero donations!

Had about a dozen limos, 3 busses and 3 trolleys.  I lost count on the cars after 6:00 when I was up to a little over a 100.

Tonight is suppose to be warmer, but I have my doubts.  Unfortunately, I will not be there most of the evening since it is my lodge night (but I won’t miss next Monday night!), so the traffic will have to fend for itself.

Tuesday and Wednesday night are forecast to be significantly warmer with no rain.  Sure am looking forward to them…its been a cold last 3 nights!

Update on states represented…all states east of the Mississippi, except for Maine, NH & VT.  West of the Mississippi I’m still missing all the states in the North West.  The Midwest has been well represented with the exception of the Dakotas.  No Alaska or Hawaii visitors yet and no out of country visitors yet.  Of course, this is all based on conversations with visitors and I have undoubtedly missed quite a few.  A good number of the out-of-staters new about the display before coming to middle Tennessee (the power of facebook and word of mouth).  A Channel 2 special did make CNN  a couple of years ago and I still hear occassionaly about it (even my brother saw it in California).


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