Thursday – 10 days till Christmas

First, thanks Melanie for the info on the street name although it is officially listed as one word.  It seems mapping show its as 2 words…Sunny Side Dr., so you should use it in your Garmin, etc.  I will also add Hawaii to my list, since you just moved here…thanks.

Its been brought to my attention that I have been remiss in posting (not since Monday)…sorry.

Monday night was an OK night, judging by the donations since I was not back home till 10:00.  Tuesday was much warmer with the temperature in the 40’s, we  had a great turnout between 6:30 and 8:30 with many walkers.

Wednesday was even warmer with temperature in the 50’s and it started off busy and kept on till about 9:00.  There was only one  5 minute period when I didn’t have folks out walking.  We had 8 limos and 4 buses.  In talking with the limo drivers and a couple of the bus drivers, it appears that Saturday will be a blowout…they were all booked solid.  Friday will really kick it off and it will go big time thru Christmas Eve (yes, we are very busy on the Eve).  I will have between 3 and 4 men directing traffic every night starting Friday.

I picked up a visitor from Oregon and NH last night, so add them to the list.  Christmas week is when I really see the out of staters and out of country folks  show up.  Too bad I don’t have an opportunity to talk to some of the tour bus folks, since I’m sure there are alot of them visiting Nashville.

Wednesday afternoon I was able to go thru my list of problem lights and got 90% of them fixed so we looked pretty good last night.  Did find 2 more figures that needed some work and I was able to pull them into the workshop this morning before the rain started.  The weather forecast for tonight suggest the rain may taper off for the evening…I’m crossing my fingers.


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