Sunday – 7 days till Christmas

Friday night was not as busy as I expected, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t packed.  Although it started late ( about 6:15) it kept us going until about 9:45.  Lots of cars and walkers.  Weather was a might cool in the low 30’s.

Saturday night was a blast!  Started at 5:00 and, with only two 5 minute breaks in traffic, lasted till 10:20 (with a bus pulling up at 10:25).   Talk about busy, lots of limos (lost count at 31) and lots of busses and trolleys.  At one time had 4 busses and 6 limos parked (I’m not sure how we did it!).  I tried keeping a count on cars, but lost it at 6:00 when over a 110 had already come thru.  I’m estimating well over 4,000 people visited last night.   And a large percentage of them walked the walk.  Donations for the Shrine Hospitals were the second highest ever (only surpassed by Christmas Eve last year).  Temperature was in the mid 30’s, but that didn’t keep the crowds away.

Tonight Santa begins his run of 6 nights.  He said he would be here from 6:00 till 9:00 every night (but he has a habit of arriving early and leaving late).  We talked about landing his sleigh and came to the conclusion there wasn’t a place for him to keep his reindeer while he was here.  He decided to let them rest up at the North Pole and borrow a Mustang from a friend…bet its a convertable!  It will be a kick seeing him driving up in a Mustang!


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