Tuesday – 5 days till Christmas

Big surprise last night.  I looked out my window at 4:45 last night to see if any cars were waiting for the lights to come on.  And what did I see…a Channel 2 truck!  A roving reporter was there, camera in hand to do a special on the display.  He did a live shot for the 5 & 6 news and a really nice interview with me on the 10:00 news.  Great year…both channels 2 & 4 did nice specials on the display…advertising you just can’t buy (not that I would).  We’ve had a good representation on the local TV channels (except for Channel 5, which doesn’t seem to want to cover anything outside of Davidson county) throughout the past 10 years and I really appreciate it!

Pretty busy last night, but not a super rush.  Santa had a great time as usual with lots of kids (both young and old).  He gave out about 400 candy canes (only 50 less than the first night).  Had 20+ limos and Gray Line busses (and that huge black bus again).  Kept busy from about 5:40 till 9:20, than slowed down.  I had pleanty of help directing traffic, so it moved well.

Tonight sure looks a lot like rain, which is a bummer after the Channel 2 exposure (the temperature will be in the 50’s).  But Santa will be there and so will I (and probably 1 or 2 assistants).  Wednesday night looks outstanding, weather wise.

Santa will be there thru Friday night (than he is off to the North Pole to get ready for his big night) from 6 till 9.



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    Fred REgan Says:

    Would love to some sort of food and drink stand to help raise money for hospital.

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