Wednesday – 4 days till Christmas

No rain on Tuesday night!!!  All we had was a slight drizzle for about 10 minutes, just enought to wet the street.  And the temperature was great…how about 60 degrees??  Had to keep taking off coats and vests. 

The night started off slow, but steady.  It wasn’t until about 7:15 when the rush started and it lasted till about 9:00.  The rest of the time parking was easy.  Had lots of limos, of course, and a number of busses.  It appears that the Channel 2 exposure really helped as numerous visitors mentioned it.  Australia and China were represented last night, which brings me up to 4 countries (including Germany and Mexico).  Still missing Maine, Washington, Idaho, North Dakota and Deleware.

Tonight looks great weather wise and I will have plenty of help with the traffic.

Comment on food and drink…none of the neighborhood children asked and I sure don’t have the time to manage it.  Will ask around for next year.

Speaking of next year, that will be the 30th anniversary of my light show and I’m thinking big.  Suggestions are welcome.


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